Walsh PhD Fellowship Opportunity in Agri-Food Economics

The requirements for this position are as follows:

Applicants should have at least a II.I honours degree in Agricultural Economics, Economics or an equivalent qualification. A Masters degree in Agricultural Economics, Economics or an equivalent qualification is desirable. The successful candidate must be highly self-motivated and be and capable of extended periods of self-directed independent work. A full EU driving licence is desirable.

Global impact assessments

WHO page on health impact assessment (HIA) ( This page includes a set of useful resources, including definitions and glossary. It also provides some examples of HIAs, although none specifically for animals, livestock or food. There is, however, one example of an impact assessment of agriculture and food policies for Slovenia ( Anyone aware of further examples to share?

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Economics of Animal Health and Welfare Seminar - October 2014

The NJF (Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists) will organize a seminar on economics of animal health and welfare in Finland from 2-3 October 2014. The seminar is open to all scientists interested in the topic. Therefore, please have a look at the following link to find out more:

“Do you know your basic economic concepts”?

One of NEAT’s aims is to promote the best use of economics by animal health professionals. The techniques and tools used in economics assessments of animal health and welfare build on a range of key concepts and principles. Having these underpinning ideas in mind is the basis for good economic assessment. Below you find a set of questions to test your knowledge. We would like to encourage you to have a look at them and think which key basic concepts and principles they refer to. The answers and explanations will be given next week.

VI International Conference on M.bovis - 16-19 June 2014

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I want to make you aware of the VI International Conference on M.bovis ( to be held in Cardiff on 16-19 June 2014. There is a session dedicated to socio-economics on the programme and I would like to encourage you to submit abstracts.

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