3rd international one health congress

The 3rd International One Health Congress (IOHC 2015) brings science and policy together aiming at the early recognition and control of emerging (infectious) diseases, now and in the years to come. Prevention at the source is the overall congress theme, as this is key in controlling (infectious) diseases that have a growing impact on humans, animals and their ecosystems.

The congress will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 15 - 18 March 2015.

RVC essay competition - 3 students will attend 2nd NEAT meeting

Over summer, RVC has run an essay competition among RVC undergraduate veterinary medicine students. Students were encouraged to submit short essays on the topic Why do we need economics teaching in veterinary curricula? to win bursaries to attend the second annual NEAT meeting in Wageningen. These are the three winning essays: 

Essay 1: Tom Andrew Hinchliffe, BVetMed5

Price transmission in Economics of animal Health

Price transmission is an interesting subject in economics, because it’s a very specific (probably small) analytical domain, but it offers relevant opportunities to discuss about the founding principles of economics and, on the others side, the real outcome of the market functioning (the sacred market efficiency), including the social dimension. “Great!” said the reader, “but what does it matter with animal health economics?!”. “Keep calm!” said the author “and follow me.

Veterinary Business Education – research highlights innovative approaches

Research presented at the recent British Academy of Management Conference (Belfast) on veterinary business education highlighted the need for continued innovative approaches. While the study revealed variety in the scope and content of veterinary business modules, it also showed commonality in pedagogical approaches adopted and assessment methods employed. The quantity of core business modules provided to students varied from 0 hours to a total of 44 hours across the entire veterinary programme.

2nd NEAT Network Meeting

The 2nd NEAT Network Meeting is approaching and will be hosted by Wageningen University.

It will take place in Wageningen, The Netherlands from Tuesday 14 to Wednesday 15 October 2014. Please remember that all NEAT partner institutions are requested to attend this meeting. The exact meeting address, dinner location and accommodation tips are included here.

New Economic Data Point to Win-Win Land-Use Opportunities at the Wildlife / Livestock Interface

I'd like to flag two studies in particular, with their focus on the economics of alternative approaches to beef production in southern Africa that could positively transform livelihoods for farmers and pastoralists, while helping to secure a future for wildlife and wildlife-based tourism opportunities. As most AHEAD Update readers know, market access for livestock and livestock products from Africa is constrained by the presence of foot and mouth disease (FMD).

Risk-based surveillance for disease freedom: Master class workshop

The National Veterinary Institute in Uppsala, Sweden offers a 4-day course about risk-based methods for surveillance design and analysis. The course will take place from 28-31 October 2014. It builds on previous courses by providing participants with more detailed consideration of some of the more complex topics that has been possible in the earlier introductory courses. It also provides an opportunity for participants to work on their own examples with guidance and advice from the tutors.

This course aims to give participants:


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