Neat First Annual Network Meeting


An exciting moment for NEAT had arrived on 10-11 September, when for the first time the whole network was convening at the Royal Veterinary College in London. In addition to the NEAT members the event attracted external experts interested in the teaching of economics of animal health, creating a lively crowd of about 80 participants from across the world.

On day 1, all participants learned about the progress and outcome of recent NEAT activities such as the literature review and the survey. In addition, a large part of the first day was dedicated to parallel workshops addressing social, technical, political and other factors that impact on teaching and training demands. In the evening the animated discussions in the workshops were partially continued over a pint and fish & chips in a nearby pub.

The second day started with short feedback presentations from the workshop groups, followed by discussions on needs and objectives for the next phase of the project. Later, participants enjoyed presentations on available online resources for veterinarians, on publishing options and on latest developments in distance and e-learning solutions. While the Annual Meeting was formally concluded at lunchtime on the second day, the NEAT management board convened again in the afternoon to plan the next steps of the project.  

Overall, NEAT is looking back on a productive meeting that inspired and motivated the participants for the upcoming tasks in the next project phases.


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