Webinar on new tool supporting the evaluation of animal health surveillance systems

RISKSUR is an EU-funded project which is developing tools for the design of cost-effective, risk-based animal health surveillance (www.fp7-risksur.eu).

On September 17, 2015, at 10:30am (CET) we will run another “RISKSUR Surveillance Surgery” webinar and we would like to invite you to participate in this meeting.

The topic of the webinar will be “Evaluation of animal health surveillance”. It will be delivered using an online meeting format (Adobe® Connect™ webinar), where you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Some of the key experts in this field in Europe will be attending.  The RISKSUR consortium will be represented by the presenter, Marisa Peyre, from CIRAD AGIRs (France).

Participation will be free of charge. The webinar will run for 1.5 hours (maximum) and it will be recorded.

Please let us know by Thursday, September 10, if you are able to attend this surveillance surgery webinar by sending an e-mail to jorge.pinto-ferreira@safoso.ch.

Do not hesitate to nominate a colleague from your institution that you think would also like, or perhaps be even more suitable, to attend it. Once we have the list of attendees we will send out instructions how to attend.

Best wishes,

Jorge Pinto Ferreira, SAFOSO AG

On behalf of the RISKSUR Consortium

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