Conference on "Animal Health and Economy"


An international expert conference about animal health and economy took place in Zurich, Switzerland from 3-5 September 2014. Several NEAT partners were involved and presented NEAT at this event.

During the first day a NEAT workshop about "Assessment of societal burden of Zoonoses" was held by Katharina Stärk (Safoso), Barbara Häsler (Royal Veterinary College), Paul Torgerson (University of Zurich) and Jörn Gethmann (Friedrich-Löffler-Institut). The workshop included presentations including "Common metrics used in impact assessment of zoonotic disease" and "Basic principles of cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis". Afterwards case study scenarios were introduced and group work was done with discussions at the end.

Furthermore, during the conference a NEAT talk about the results of the NEAT online survey "Teaching of Economics of Animal Health" was given by Detlef Höreth-Böntgen (Friedrich-Löffler-Institut).

If you want to get an overview of the complete conference, please click here to download the full agenda.