New COST Action on Evaluation of One Health officially approved

The COST Action proposal NEOH (“Network for Evaluation of One Health”) submitted by RVC and LCIRAH (the Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health) with active participation of several NEAT and other international partners got officially approved by the COST Committee in Brussels on 13/14 May 2014.

COST stands for “European Cooperation in Science and Technology” and funds the coordination of pan-European, bottom-up networks of scientists and researchers across all science and technology fields (

The NEOH Action aims to enable future quantitative evaluations  of “One Health” activities. The “One Health” concept addresses complex challenges affecting human health and well-being, such as malnutrition, emerging and endemic zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance and climate change through the integration of relevant sciences at systems level NEOH plans to deliver

  • A science-based evaluation protocol for One Health activities;
  • Coordination of evaluations of existing One Health initiatives
  • A networked community of experts collaborating to further the evidence base
  • Researchers trained in performing evaluations of One Health activities.

For additional information on the NEOH COST Action please also visit:

and in particular have a look at the following pdf document (page 3 onwards):

COST funded networks are open networks that can be joined by other interested researchers throughout the project. If you are involved in relevant international One Health networks or research activities and you are interested in participating in NEOH, please send me an email (


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